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What To Do For Mother’s Day- Ideas for Gifts, Activities, Recipes, and More

Asking yourself what to do for Mother’s Day?

HINT: Pass this on to the powers that be, OR maybe help your kids flesh out their ideas a bit?

When I think of my favorite Mother’s Day ever (with me as the Mom, that is), I always conjure up the image of my then 10 year old daughter leading me into our bathroom, saying ‘Keep your eyes closed Momma.’

Relax in a candlelit bath for Mother's Day

Candlelit Bath for a Mother’s Day Treat

My kid lit about 25 candles,

ran a wonderfully hot bath, and set out my favorite book. There was even a glass of wine nearby. She sure knows her Momma and she’d thought of everything!

Her thoughtfulness made me well up with tears–even more so when I saw the love and satisfaction in her smiling face. She knew she’d created the perfect Mother’s Day for me.

I hear you asking ‘What to do on Mother’s Day?!’

  Well, take her to Paris!
Not really, but you can sure fit a bit of France into her day.

Why not serve her a breakfast of croissants, fruit, coffee and a healthy smoothie? Better yet, breakfast in bed! Or, a lunch of French bread, cheese and fruit.

Teach the kids a couple of words in French—they can tell her ‘bonjour’ (good day) when they greet her, and ‘Merci’ (thank you) for being such a great Mom.

Here are a few more thoughtful ideas —

Little things that mean a lot:

  • let her read a big girl’s book or watch a movie while you do an extra chore(s)
  • have her catch up on some zzz’s
  • look at home movies together (Moms LOVE that!)
  • give her privacy in the bathroom (let her pee alone)
  • clean up after giving her breakfast in bed (hint,hint–ALL of it!)

Breakfast Ideas — can you tell I love pancakes

  • Pancake Coin Brochettes with Fresh Berries
  • Mom’s Cinnamon Flapjack Letters
  • Pancake Art — as an artist, I LOVE this one!
  • Breakfast-in-Bed (It’s pretty hard to mess this up–you could bring her a bowl of Lucky Charms and     she’d smile, unless of course your the Dad)
  • Yogurt Parfait — the kids can simply layer yogurt, granola and sliced fruit in a pretty glass.
    Cute banana and cinnamon roll snail art perfect for Mother's Day breakfast

    Cute and simple breakfast idea (photo:

Drink Ideas (lo-cal, at that)

DIY Gift Ideas

Store-bought Gift Ideas

Remember to fill the day with lots of hugs and kisses!

Secret message to all Dads that your wife will appreciate —buy your own Mom a gift all by yourself. It’s Mother’s Day for gosh sakes–we do it the rest of the year. Thank you sweeties 😉

If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?   –Milton Berle

 Tell Us —

Mother and daughter spending time together

I ADORE this kid of ours!

What’s your secret ‘want’ for Mother’s Day? Come on now, you can be honest with me. Let me know below. Happy Mother’s Day to YOU!

Barbara Balkin, Founder and ARTkinIST 

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  1. Great ideas!!

  2. Cyndee, If they make you pancakes, send me a pic!! 🙂 Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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