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Tips To Color Your Free Printable Greeting Cards

Need some ideas for how to color your free printable greeting cards?

Printable Winter Cardinal Greeting Card from Artkin can be used 'as-is' or add color.

This Winter Cardinal greeting card can be used ‘as-is’ or add color.

Follow these tips and get inspired…

Paper For Your Greeting Cards–

Try different different types and colors of paper in your printer.

  • cardstock is sturdy and stands up by itself – black print looks great against white paper!
  • parchment colored paper will give an old fashioned look
  • cut an 8 ½” x 11” sheet out of a brown paper bag and feed it into your printer (no seams)
  • watercolor paper gives a wonderful texture for painting with water-based paints (watercolor or acrylic)
  • cut all paper to 8 1/2″ x 11″ to create a 5 ½” x 8 ½” folded card – a great size for coloring Artkin’s free printable greeting cards

Folding Your Paper–

Create a sharp fold using a credit card or bone folder

Create a sharp fold using a credit card.

Use a bone folder to score, crease and make a nice, neat fold—a credit card will also work.

  • to make a neat fold, ‘draw’ a straight indentation line down your imaginary ‘fold line’ with the tip of the bone folder or corner edge of a credit card.
  • fold the paper at the crease and press flat with the palm of your hand
  • hold the credit card’s edge perpendicular to the folded edge of the card and run it along that folded edge, pressing gently. You’ve just created a sharp fold!

Kids Can Do It Too –

Break out the markers and crayons and let your little ones have at it!

  • kids can help write their own message inside and sign their name
  • tuck a photo of the family inside the card
  • if they’re very young, you might want to use only three or four colors (too many can overwhelm)

What To Use For Color –

Printable Chanukah Menorah Greeting Card you can use 'as-is' or color.

Colored pencils are no muss/no fuss!

Make sure to color with your card opened, just in case any color bleeds through to the other layer.

      • colored markers dry fast and come in brilliantly, bright colors
      • there is no muss/no fuss with colored pencils – and it’s so fun to layer the colors
      • watercolors can be intense color or light and delicate, depending on the amount of water you use
      • if using paint, don’t overwork your brushstrokes—the card’s inked design may run a bit depending on your printer’s ink

Heck, try painting with your morning coffee — really!
Painting Tip: Coffee makes a great, natural paint — paint…and sip.

Coffee makes a great paint for your Winter Cardinal greeting card by Artkin

Painting with coffee adds subtle color to your greeting card

Best of all, no mess-ups — you can always print another here!

Create cards that friends and family
are sure to remember.

Have fun with it – you’re beloveds will be thrilled to receive these personal, handmade cards from you!

Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life. —Albert Einstein

Tell Us –

What did you use to color your cards? Any special paper? I’d LOVE to see the cards you’ve colored – please email photos of you and any handmade cards. I’ll show them off on our Facebook page.

Barbara Balkin, Founder and ARTkinIST 

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  1. This is great stuff!!! Kept us busy and creating something nice to share over the holidays.

    Thank You!

    • John,
      Glad to hear you and your family enjoyed the cards and shared them. Happy New Year to you!

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