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Don’t let this one get away!  If he has a noodle rod, a good rip, and yells ‘Gazunta!’ (as in ‘that one guzinta the box’),  this gift’s for him.  Anatomically correct, this Salmon canvas is certain to please your favorite angler.

A wonderful choice for Father’s Day, birthdays, and even Valentine’s Day!



This original ARTKIN Salmon is a keeper and sure to please your favorite angler.

Choose your Size

Pick your canvas size above and note how many blocks it has. (A 36″x48″/24 block canvas is available for local pick-up only.)

Each block can be done by a different artist or by the same person in a different color or style. Think about how many people you want to involve in creating your artwork and be sure to get one with enough blocks for everyone! It’s fun and exciting to see everyone’s unique style come through in their block.

What’s Included?
Cost includes the ARTKIN Box, mounting of your original artwork to canvas, and shipping both the ARTKIN Box and completed canvas to you. Note: You will need to pay to ship the finished drawings to us for mounting.

What’s in the ARTKIN Box?
The ARTKIN Box includes all the materials you need to create your artwork including specialized ARTKIN oil pastels, image templates and ARTKIN paper. Also includes detailed, easy to follow Instructions, a bonus Tips and Techniques sheet, and return envelope for your drawings!


Additional information

Canvas Size

12 x 24" (3 8 X 12" blocks) $89, 12 x 24" (4 6 X 12" blocks) $89, 24 x 48" (12 8 X 12" blocks) $199, 24 x 48" (18 8 X 8" blocks) $219, 24 x 48" (24 6 X 8" blocks) $249, 36 x 48" (24 6 x 12" blocks) $269 Local Pickup Only


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