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Oil Pastel Technique Chart–the Basics

A basic Oil Pastel Technique Chart
great for beginners!

Use these techniques to quickly learn blending, shadow, highlight and color mixing.
Real art. Real easy.

Use your new techniques to create an original keepsake art canvas!

Basic oil pastel techniques-great for beginners!

                These ‘basic oil pastel techniques’ will elevate your drawings to the next level!

With pastels you don’t need gimmicks and are only limited by your imagination. If something doesn’t work for you… simply rub/scrub the offending area right back to the paper color and build it up again.    — Gayle Boyle

Tell Us —

Try a couple of these techniques and let me know what you think. Were you surprised by how easy it is? I’m pulling for you! Please let me know below.

Barbara Balkin, founder and ARTkinIST


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  1. That’s a really neat chart to save. Thanks for the online lesson.

    • @Cyndee, Glad it was helpful. Make sure to try the ‘sgraffito’ technique–layer a couple of oil pastel colors over each other, pretty heavily. Then use a toothpick or end of an opened paper clip to gently scratch through the top (or both) layers. It creates a wonderful texture.Happy exploring!

  2. thankyou soo much!!! I have a large set of oil pastels and absolutely NO idea on what to do with them!!! Guess I’ll give them a whirl then…..

    • Hi Eve, Glad you’re going to try them out. Don’t be afraid to experiment–and remember, your fingers are your best tools for blending!

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