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What the Heck is Creativity FOR Anyway?

9-2014 Blog-Italy Napkin Compilation2
Creativity is one way to express the love I feel for my beloveds. It’s amazing the things I can learn about people while creating with them, and the things they learn about me! Oh my!

Picture this: It’s the weekend and you’re kicking back at home with friends, you’re feeling relaxed—everyone’s  pitching in with constructing (inventing?) some yummy appetizers. With all the wine your friends brought, it’s turning into a ‘wine-tasting’ fest, too. Good food, good wine – what could be better? Your best friend starts doodling on a napkin—you take a peek:

“What is THAT?” you say.

What is Creativity?
“Well, it’s a water-side table for two in Venice, can’t you tell? Can’t you see St. Mark’s Basilica in the background? Don’t you remember?”

“Um, here—let me see.” You slide it away from her and add your own few lines to it. “Now, that is how I remember it.” Sip.

She takes it back, scribbles some more, and triumphantly hands it back to you. “There!” Sip. “Now the waiter is smiling – much better.”

“Oooh, and remember Carlo at the Gelateria? His handmade ginger gelato was amazing!” you reminisce. “Not bad,” you say, looking at the napkin. “I didn’t know you had it in you.”

“Oh, it’s just a scribble—no big deal,” she mutters.

“No, REALLY, this is so cool. Let’s do more! Here’s another napkin.” And I grab a whole stack.

And so it goes…a simple evening with friends. Impromptu creativity. Closeness. Laid-back. Easy.

Is this creating ART? Maybe not a great work, but it’s CREATIVE!
It’s FUN!
You’re revealing a bit of yourself. You’re taking a risk without even knowing it. And, you’re deepening a bond.

If you go back to the Greeks and Romans, they talk about all three – wine, food, and art – as a way of enhancing life. —Robert Mondavi

And we’ve all heard what great parties they threw!

Tell Us

Creativity starts conversations. It’s an easy opening. I dare you to try it at your next get together. Grab a napkin – see what you learn – where it will take you.

Two napkin sketches, that’s all I ask (more, of course, if you’re feelin’ the love). Come back and let us know below how it went (and were you doing it over your favorite beverage?)

— Barbara Balkin, Founder and ARTkinIST


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  1. With your suggestion my daughter and I tried this at lunch. Fun napkin art which lead us to some great mother/daughter conversation.
    Next time, over a bottle of wine with friends. Keep the ideas coming.

    • Cyndee-So glad you tried the napkin art! I can totally see your daughter trying it out at lunch with HER friends. See, you never know where it will lead. Great sharing!

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