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Have Fun With DIY ‘Car Art’

Kids painted this car with regular tempera paints and brushes (

Kid-painted car using regular tempera paints and brushes (

Who hasn’t used a finger to write ‘Wash me!’
on a car’s dirty rear window?

See, there are so many ways to be creative!
No need to buy paint or pens — just head on out to the driveway and get busy doing

DIY Car Art!

(Yes, it’s crazy.)

From this…

Wash the Car, photo-Oakley Originals,

DON’T wash me! Create art instead.(photo: Oakley Originals,

To this…

Dirty Car Art 'PetFest' by Scott Wade

Dirty Car Art ‘Pet Fest’ by Scott Wade

 Just washed the car? No problem.

Scott Wade, internationally known ‘Dirty Car Artist’  advises, “If you want to try it yourself, just get a little cooking oil, pour a little in your hand and spread as evenly as possible on the rear window of your wagon, hatchback, SUV or van. If you don’t have any fine, powdery dirt, you can use flour (whole wheat will look more like dirt). Grab a handful, aim your blow dryer, and blow the dust onto the window. Viola! You have a canvas for creating your own Dirty Car Art!”

Wade uses various paint brushes along with my favorite tool, hands. One ‘painting’ can take the him from forty minutes to four hours.


In brainstorming unique projects for my Kids’ Summer Art Workshop, I came across this idea for the kids to get cray-cray-creative! Seems the Mom had them use regular old tempera paints and brushes. Hard-handled brushes kind of scare me (do I hear scratching?). I would consider sponges instead.

 Let loose and paint the car with tempera paint.

Let loose and paint the car — Car Art! (

I even went so far as to ask my amazing local car wash queen Sydni Gwinn of iWash Car Detailing, what her thoughts were on the project. She admitted it made her nervous and advised a ‘test patch’ first.  Granted, my car is a 2000 Toyota Forerunner, but it has a good 60,000 miles left and I’d like it to stay white(ish?). She did agree to wash it when the kids were done and after I’d driven it around for a couple of days — good for advertising!

I’m still on the fence about it.

Here’s some car art I’m dying to try — but on the passenger side.

Helmut Smits rainbow windshield

Paints ready for Rainbow Art on windshield by Helmut Smits. Photo: Lotte Stekelenburg

 I hope you don’t have kiddos looking over your shoulder.
If so, lock up the art supplies until you set some ground rules.

 ‘Crazy’ is a term of art; ‘Insane’ is a term of law. Remember that, and you will save yourself a lot of trouble. — Hunter S. Thompson


Would  you?  Could  you?  Do you dare?  (I know, I sound a bit like Dr. Seuss, don’t I?)  If you dare, send pics please.

Barbara Balkin, Founder and ARTkinIST



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  1. Yes i dare ! ,,,,,,and yes i love what you did 🙂 i have an RV 25 fT it is a traveling boutique i dont have the budget tol et someone warp it or paint it i need to do something myslef that is a BOOM any advise?


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