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Great Apps to Organize Your Kids’ Art

Looking for great apps to save
and organize your kids’ artwork?

Need an app to save your kids' art?

Kids create a lot of art!

We’re busy. We only have time to click a pic and create another pile of papers.

Or, dun-dun-dun! The abhorrent ‘tossing’ of the paper!

First pre-school, then kindergarten, then lots more years (i.e., piles) of art. And, don’t even get me started on the dioramas and Valentine mailboxes. Yes, you know what I’m talking about!

The lower grades seem to do some very BIG art! Thinking back, it really didn’t need to be that way. I was their Art Mom most years, and therefore the ‘Art Size Boss’. Why didn’t I change the tide while I could?

Years ago I resorted to taking photos of my now 12 year old daughter’s artwork-then ‘quietly’ setting the original art aside.

Kids art on refrigerator via Artkin

Our fridge full of ‘love’ly art!

Now there are some awesome apps to
help out the curator in all of us!

No more piles on our guest bed! Oops—did I just say that out loud?

When you’ve run out of space on your fridge and walls, these are the best apps I’ve found to help
save and organize those sweet photos of your kids’ artwork:

  • lets you save photos and videos of your kiddo’s art and school work. You can even record yourself or your child sharing the story behind the art. Precious! Then invite family and friends to become your kid’s ‘fan’ so they can view, too.  Manage multiple profiles for multiple kids.  (For iOS, Android, and Kindle)
  • Canvsly lets you take preexisting snaps of their art from your phone and easily import those into the app. There’s also a smart account share feature that makes it easy for multiple parents or caregivers to upload to kids’ galleries. (For iOS)
  • With Artkive, take a photo, tag and store it. When you’re ready, use Artkive and turn the art into a book or other keepsake gifts.  It’s easy to use and a step above your own photo library. (For iOS and Android)
  • Create a ‘virtual fridge’ with Art My Kid Made. It allows you to showcase the masterpieces via social media like Twitter, Facebook and Evernote. You can even edit, crop, add stickers and special effects!   (For iOS)

Make your life easier. Save memories and declutter at the same time. Clear that guest bed for the summer!


When every possession is special, none of them are.― Kathi Lipp, Clutter Free: Quick and Easy Steps to Simplifying Your Space

Tell Us–

What do you do with your kids’ art? (How many piles?) Be honest and leave a comment below.

Barbara Balkin, Founder and ARTkinIST 

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  1. Oh, the battle of the artwork! I got caught throwing something away not too long ago, what I thought was insignificant, and tears flowed. Sorry buddy, your Fun Run used stickers didn’t make the cut into the big manilla envelope for the year!

    I tried Keepy but didn’t keep up with it (no pun intended) – I will have to check out the others on your list.

    We set up strings of art in the play room, essential a thumb tack on both far edges of the wall with string tied to each. We added close pins to clip the art to the string and several of these art strings fill the room walls. Better than camo-ing the fridge in kid art – which the hubby promptly moves elsewhere…

    We have school art and home art so a good permanent solution is in need. Do think the kids will appreciate the “digital” renditions 20-30 years from now…or are we just doing this for our own personal nostalgia.

    • @Torie, I feel your pain! Do I think the KIDS will appreciate the digital renditions, you ask? Probably not so much as WE will. I can see your son’s future wife and children appreciating them though. I know I would. Love looking at the very few actual art examples of my own husband’s done as a kid. Wish there were more. One idea I’d like to try at home for ACTUAL art instead of the fridge or frames, is to have a ‘rotating exhibit’ with 4-5 clipboards mounted in a row on a wall (hallway?)and clip her art to them (and even my own). Think I’ll paint them different bright colors! I DO like your ‘string’ idea.
      Please let me know what you think of the recommended apps as you try them.

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