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How To Be a Gift Giving Hero!

Family and friends are everything!

Gift giving — POWERFUL stuff!

Don’t know about you, but there are some folks in my life that I stress about when it comes to gift-giving.  

As a thoughtful mom, wife, sister/friend, I understand how frustrating it is to want to give the best gift ever, yet be stumped as to what that gift might be.

I remember my mom always saying, ‘I don’t need anything.’ Baloney! Everyone needs (wants?) something. Arghhh! You think back to last year,
trying to remember if that ‘Oh, thank you! You’re soooo thoughtful!’ was genuine joy or just good manners.

So, you have a special gift giving occasion coming up. Have you desperately resorted to asking your five year old for gift suggestions? Don’t stop at stumped! Leave a lasting impression by expressing what’s in your heart.

You won’t be stopping at 7-11 for THIS one!

Try one of these on for size and raise your gift giving to a whole new level of awesomeness!  

  1. Think of what her favorite ‘xyz’ is and give her a whole big bag of them!
  2. Hide a secret message or photo in a new book about his favorite hobby.         
  3. Write a memory story from when you were little.
  4. Collage a card with family photos, along with funny dialogue.
  5. What does he like to do? Plan an excursion—just a few hours together makes a memory.
  6. Surprise her with an incredibly decadent dessert — YUM!
  7. Hide it, and lead her to it with a trail of chocolates (or rose petals if she watching her girlish figure).
  8. Whatever it is, wrap it creatively.  Be crazy! 
  • •  Stuff it into an inexpensive pillow–I mean it–hidden right inside the stuffing!
  • •  Put it in a HUGE box.
  • •  Repurpose a cereal box or his favorite chip bag for wrapping paper.
And the best gift of all may just be something especially handmade by you and others she’s close to. Create something unique and give a part of yourself. Get more ideas here!

Be a Gift Giving Hero!

Take gift giving to the next level!

Want something that she doesn’t have yet AND will even make her cry? Here’s how ARTKIN can help you—

Take a look at ARTKIN’s art canvas templates and create an original keepsake group canvas. It’s fun and easy because ARTKIN holds your hand the whole way! That way, YOU can enjoy the process of creating the gift, and THEY can enjoy the gift for many years to come. Get ready to hear them brag about you!

 Choose just ONE of these tips and you’ll be a gift-giving hero, for sure!

The only gift is a portion of thyself.  — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tell Us

What makes YOUR beloveds smile? Go ahead and share some favorite tips of your own in the comment box below. I’d love to hear from you.

— Barbara Balkin, Founder and ARTkinIST

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