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Fun Color Facts I Bet You Don’t Know

Colorful London telephone booths show how color can be used to liven things up.

Put some color into your life!                                                                          (photo credit:Garry Knight, cc.lic)













Colors can dramatically affect our moods, feelings, and emotions.

Color psychology has become a hot topic in marketing, art, and design. While feelings about color can be deeply personal, colors have different meanings in different cultures. Pure and innocent white in Western countries is the symbol of mourning in many Eastern countries.

Your reaction to color also depends on how pure and bright it is, as well as your personal history with the color.

Remember your green kitchen where you were made to finish your cold oatmeal?
How do you feel about green NOW?


Everyone knows     red – stimulating        blue – calming    but did you know THIS?

Here’s the crazy color fact lowdown:

Red – love, excitement, anger   

*Exposing students to the color red before an exam may have a negative impact on their test performance.
*Used in holistic therapy to increase circulation.
*Can get rid of exhaustion.

Yellow – warmth, hope, happiness
*Bright yellow can make babies cry!
*In combination with black, one of the easiest color schemes to read from far away. Think school buses!
*Overuse can cause people to be critical and demanding.

Orange – joy, enthusiasm, creativity
*Helps recover from a broken heart.
*Increases appetite—have orange in your kitchen to get people talking and eating at length.

Van Gogh's 'Sorrowing Old Man' shows us the sadness of the color blue.

Van Gogh’s ‘Sorrowing Old Man’ shows us the sadness of the color blue.

*Orange stimulates appetite — notice orange in fast-food joints?
*Even using an orange colored pen can be uplifting.

Blue – calm, intelligence, trust     
*Blue-colored streetlights can lead to a reduction of crime in those areas.
*One of the least appetizing colors. Try eating off a blue plate if you’re dieting!
*Too much can dampen the spirits.

Green – soothing, renewal, healing   

The color green is soothing and healing.

Soothing. healing green makes us feel good. (photo credit: Beshef,cc lic.)

*Time moves faster in a green room (blue, too).
*Can improve reading ability. Try putting a transparent green sheet over the page can boost reading speed!
*Long been a symbol of fertility–green M & M’s are said to make you feel sexy. Just sayin’.

Pink – friendship, harmony, romance
*Can have a calming effect on violent prisoners.
*If a friend always wears pink, she may need some extra support and love.
*Too much pink can create physical weakness.

Black – power, mystery, elegance (Yes, I know, black is not really a ‘color’, but absorbs all light in the color spectrum)
*Sports teams with black uniforms are more likely to receive penalties.
*In ancient Egypt, black represented life and rebirth (very different in the West).
*We all know black is ‘slimming’, but it also makes a room seem to shrink in size.

White – purity, perfection, safety (Yes, some say it’s not a color, but all colors of light add up to white. Doesn’t that make it a color?)
*Hospitals and hospital workers use white to show sterility.
*A white picket fence signifies a safe, happy home!
*Extremely bright white can cause headaches.

Like death and taxes, there’s no escaping color.
So, use it to your advantage!

Surrounding yourself with color can brighten your day. Try something new. How do you feel when you wrap yourself in a green throw? Or, walk into a yellow and orange fast-food ‘restaurant’?

Get you color savvy on and check out Judy Scott-Kemmis’ color psychology website to learn more.

I prefer living in color.    — David Hockney

Tell Us

Green is my favorite color. It has been discovered that well-balanced people tend to go for green. Um, well, my sister might not agree! What’s YOUR favorite color? Do you wear it? Is it in your home? Please tell me below.

Barbara Balkin, founder and ARTkinIST

  1. This is pretty cool info. Blue and green are my favorite colors. Love green M&M’s – just sayin’.
    And which sister?
    Keep these great posts coming.

  2. Thanks Cyndee! My sisters read this, so better not say.(I love green M&M’s, too!)

  3. Depends on the purpose. I like blue houses, but gray for business clothes only because it is the easiest to match. I need Gr-animals for adults!

  4. Randy, thanks for your response.
    With a bit of quick research, I’ve found that there are many adults also in need of Garanimals! Check out this humorous post:

    “Mpls.St.Paul Magazine style editor Allison Kaplan explains Ryan Seacrest’s new suit collection Distinction is like Garanimals for guys — plenty of men out there are able to properly match their suits, but Seacrest makes it easy to be savvy.” (Oct.2, Randy you are NOT alone!

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