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About Artkin

What is Artkin? 
Great question! Artkin provides a unique way for anyone to create original art canvases at family events, parties, team building, fundraisers, as gifts, and more! Artkin provides the supplies and makes it easy for you and your loved ones to join in creating an original multi-image art canvas that will be a treasured gift for years to come!

How is Artkin different from other ‘art-making’ companies?  
Other companies use computers and printers to reproduce and print your art.  Not Artkin!  Artkin’s artists carefully trim, and thoughtfully arrange and hand mount your original drawings — your very personal, self-made ‘oil pastel strokes’ (i.e., ‘brush’ strokes), on the canvas size of your choice.  We apply a protective acrylic sealant, ready-to-hang hardware, and even a printed ‘Artists Name Legend’ to the back of your canvas.

How did  Artkin get started?
Artist and designer Barbara K. Balkin founded Artkin –- learn more about it here.


How do I get started?
Click on the big red button New To ARTKIN? on the home page or Shop at the top of any page, and have fun browsing dozens of image templates. After choosing an image, click ‘Select Options’ and choose your canvas size. You’ll get the idea from there.

What if I want an image template that you do not offer? 
We LOVE custom orders!  Just contact ARTKIN with a description, sketch, photo, or simply a request, and we’ll design something special. There is an additional $49 charge for custom orders. This new image template will be just for you!

Do I own my custom template design once Artkin is done creating it?
We will NEVER let another customer use the image. It is designed for YOU ONLY! You have non-exclusive rights to use the image, and Artkin will have rights to use the image, too, but we will only show it off on our website and marketing materials.

Can I combine/order different image templates for one canvas?
Some of the image templates are already available as a ‘Series’ of different coordinating templates. Take a look at Cats and Girl’s Dress.

How do I know what size canvas to choose? 
There are multiple options for each template with different numbers of blocks, so you can choose your size based on how many people you have. If you want a large canvas, with more blocks than you have people, it is fun to have each artist do more than one block in different colors or style. 

What happens after I place my order? 
Your Artkin Box will soon arrive in the mail, providing you with the supplies you need to begin creating your special keepsake. 

How long will it take to receive my Artkin Box?
We will ship your Box to you within two-three business days of receiving your order. Custom orders take a bit longer.  Make sure to contact us if you have a particularly tight due date for completion.

What will be in my Artkin Box?
Your Artkin Box will be chock-full of just about everything you need to create your art: printed templates of your chosen image (one for each block on your canvas), special Artkin™ art paper, colorful oil pastels, easy-to-follow Instructions, a ‘Tips and Techniques’ sheet, and a sturdy return envelope for sending your finished drawings back to Artkin.

Will I need to supply anything? 
The only things that you will need, you probably already have: masking tape and paper towels or tissues.

How long will it take Artkin to create my personal canvas? 
Once we receive the return envelope containing your drawings, our Artkin artists will work quickly and carefully to adhere to a 14 business day turn-around. Make sure to contact us if you have a particularly tight due date for completion. Holidays may throw a wrench in our regular schedule, but we’ll do our best.

Creating the ART

What if I’m not artistic?
Oooh, we are asked this ALOT! You don’t need to be artistic. For some, the idea of creating art can be uncomfortable, maybe even downright scary. Am I describing YOU? You think it’s too hard to produce quality results–it’s NOT!  Relax—you’ve done this before. Remember kids’ coloring books?  You can color it simply by filling in the lines of the image with different colors, then coloring in the background. And, if you’re feeling artsy, try some more complicated patterns and color layering. A special ‘Tips and Techniques’ sheet will be included in your Artkin Box, and will guide you step-by-step. You can DO this! 

How long will it take to create our art?
Most people take 30-60 minutes for a drawing, but it all depends on YOU. Take all the time you need.  Because you’re doing this with family and friends, enjoy your time.  

Can I color outside the lines?
Sure!  Don’t fret if you don’t follow the template exactly. Feel free to change the drawing a bit—add your personal style.  You’re the artist here—you call the shots! And please DO color outside/over the rectangular border lines near the edges of your template; it will give us some wiggle room when we trim your drawings edges for mounting.

Some templates have some ‘dashed’ lines on them. What do they mean? 
The dashed lines are only a suggestion of what to draw.  Not all templates have these lines. You can change it however you like. For example, the Ladybug Template shows the antennae as dashed lines going in a certain direction. You can draw your antennae going in a different direction, or follow the template as-is.

Do you have any special tips for using the pastels?
Yes, lots of tips.  A special ‘Tips and Techniques’ sheet will be included in your Artkin Box.  With these ‘Tips and Techniques’, you WILL succeed!

How do I keep the pastels clean? 
Simply use a paper towel to gently wipe unwanted color from the pastel tip.

Use soap and water, or wet wipes for hands. Any all-purpose household spray cleaner will remove any marks from surfaces. Use whichever product you can safely use on that particular surface.

How much time do we have to complete our drawings and send them back to you?
You are welcome to have as long as one year to complete your drawings and return them to us, but we know you already have a special reason for creating your canvas and you’ll be excited to get to it and see your completed work of art! 

How can I include friends and family that live elsewhere?
That’s easy! Once you receive your Artkin Box, just mail a template to each person that you would like to include. Make sure to make them a copy of the ‘Instructions’ and ‘Tips and Techniques’ sheets, too. They can purchase their own set of oil pastels for three to four dollars at their local art store, Walmart or Target. That way, you don’t have to send them yours. However, please make sure they use OIL PASTELS, not regular chalk pastels. There IS a difference. After they get their completed drawing back to you, send the entire package of completed drawings to Artkin so we can complete your canvas.

How old should you to be to create the art?  
From 5-95, absolutely! Five to seven year olds may need some adult guidance, and they’ll love creating alongside you.

How will I be able to tell who created which art block on the completed canvas?
Make sure to write each name legibly on the edge of each drawing (outside the template border–not on the artwork itself). There will be a printed ‘Artists’ Name Legend’ attached to the back of your canvas with all the names of those that contributed, along with their drawing’s location on the canvas.

Billing and Purchases

How much will it cost? 
Prices start at under $100 for an original work of art. Make sure to sign up to be a ‘VIP’ and receive Special Offers for even lower prices.

Do you offer coupons or discounts? 
Sign up for ‘Special Offers’ here. Become a ‘VIP’ and we’ll make sure to keep you posted.  

What payment methods to you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover through Paypal.

Do you offer discounts for non-profit/charity organizations?
Certainly!  Artkin was born doing fundraisers. We love to help out by offering 20% off  our regular prices. Please contact Artkin for more information.

Do you offer Gift Certificates? 
Of course! Order here to add it to your Cart.  Certificate Terms: Gift Certificates expire one (1) year from issue date. Non-Refundable.

I need an invoice! Where do I go to get one?
Hey, thanks for your purchase! To get a copy of your order, login to your ARTKIN account here. 

My Canvas

What is the canvas construction? 
Our canvases feature hand-stretched, back-stapled 100% cotton duck of medium tooth and texture.  It’s kiln-dried, solid wood frame has warp-resistant stretchers with mitered corners. The canvas is primed with archival quality ph-balanced acrylic titanium gesso and the finished art is acrylic sealed for protection.  More info here.

What edge colors do you offer?
Your canvas edges will be hand painted black unless otherwise specified on your order. Blue and red are available upon request. 

How do I take care of my canvas
Like any fine art
, keep your art out of direct sunlight. The sun can cause colors to fade or discolor. Periodically and without pressure, gently dust your canvas with a clean, soft cloth or feather duster. Do NOT use chemicals, cleaners, or abrasive cloths.

Will I be able to hang my canvas as soon as I receive it?
Of course! Your canvas will arrive ready to hang, with edges paint-finished in black, and sawtooth hanging hardware in place, at no extra cost. (Alternate edge colors of blue or red are available upon request.) 

Do you offer framing?
We do not at this time. Your canvas will arrive ready to hang—no framing is necessary. 

How do I store my canvas, if that becomes necessary? 
Cover the art with a cloth sheet or craft-type paper and keep it in a cool, dry place.

I have a great idea for a new image template. 
We applaud new ideas! Please email ideas here. Thanks for sharing!

I want to share photos of my canvas. How do I post my pictures to your Gallery
Submit  jpeg photos of your canvas (and you!) here and we will post them on We LOVE to see photos of you and yours enjoying your canvas. Thanks for sharing the love!     

Can you notify me when you offer new templates?
Sure! Just sign up here and we’ll keep you informed. 

Refund Policy

What if I’m not happy with the completed canvas?  Can I get a refund?
We want you to love your Artkin canvas. Because each piece is your own unique artwork, we can only accept returns if there is damage to the item upon receipt. Get more information here .


What happens if my artwork is damaged in shipping?
Please refer to Refunds and Returns.

What area does ‘local pick-up only’ refer to?
‘Local pick-up’ refers to the Boise, Idaho area. Those big 36″ x 48″ canvases are pricey to ship, so if you can come by and pick them up — perfect!



Who can see my email address?
Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

What rights does Artkin have over my art?
By ordering from Artkin, you are granting Artkin the right to use your artwork, testimonials, comments, and customer submitted photos for publication processes, whether electronic, print, digital or electronic publishing via the internet.  For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Still stumped?  Can’t find what you need?

Just fill out the Contact Form and we will get back to you ASAP, usually within 24 hours.