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Corporate Team Building


Working together to strengthen the team!

Every team has a story — what’s YOUR story?
Artkin isn’t just about art – we’re about building relationships.

Good leaders need to know their team and what better way to get a jump-start than with an Artkin group canvas!

Take your team out of their ordinary day-to-day routine and into a uniquely creative experience with

For the team:
• everyone gets involved, regardless of rank or ability
• develop trust in each other
• learn to work together more effectively
• boost confidence, and in turn, boost motivation
• get social and have fun!

For you:
• forget about deadlines!
• savor time to get to know your team better
• understand members’ communication patterns
• lead your team to cohesiveness and greater productivity

custom template design can reflect a corporate project, logo, goals or your mission statement. Or, choose one of our designs.

Don’t stop there use the final art piece for branding! Newsletters, reports, strategic documents, corporate gifts, holiday cards. Ask us about prints of your art!

“Initially, I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect, and I’m not creative at all. However, the art was easy and FUN!” – J. Webster 

“We worked on three canvases and I liked that there was ample room for individual expression in each of the pieces (i.e. colors & designs). It’s clear that you are a passionate artist and love to share your abilities with others, so they, too, can feel like an ‘artist’. – K. Bruce                         More success stories here!

Creating with Artkin takes the team out of their usual environment and gives them an out-of-the-ordinary task to perform. Team members are encouraged to be more creative and use their imaginations to accomplish the goal of collaborative art, proving the value of creativity in the workplace.


The team works together to create one large canvas that captures the uniqueness of each individual, while displaying a team effort.

No need to be afraid of art or intimidated by the creative process — no experience is necessary. Some team members may start out with degrees of apprehension. They’ll transition through the pleasure of learning a completely new skill, and finally triumph at a job well done.

Show off your original work of art in an entrance foyer, conference room, break or lunch area to provide lasting inspiration for all involved.

Enjoy a happier, healthier team and see a positive impact on your bottom line.
Step back and enjoy the journey!

                                                                                           “Coming together is a beginning.

Keeping together is progress.

Working together is success.”

–Henry Ford