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Art Parties with Back Gate Studio Boise


                                                                      The perfect way to celebrate a special day…

    ♦♦♦ Host a pARTy — an ART PARTY! ♦♦♦

Stick Men’ your thing? No problem. Back Gate Studio Boise takes kids and adults step-by-step through creating a one-of-a-kind work of art,
regardless of skill level or age. 
Our Art Party Studio comes to YOU — art supplies, set-up, clean-up, and fun are all included.
You choose the date!Young child experimenting with watercolor
You choose the location!
You choose the art project!

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Art Party birthdays for all ages, special occasions, reunions, ladies’ night out, date night, school fundraisers, group projects for teacher/coach gifts, community events,  church events, corporate team-building.

Five participant minimums for all parties!

We supply the art—you supply the tables, chairs, and any food and drinks desired.
(Curious what else goes on at the Studio? Look here!

So many choices…

Basic Painting Party — (ages 4+) One hr. party with guided painting. You’re encouraged to ‘change it up-make it your own’! 11”x14” canvas. $120 minimum and $20/additional participant.

Kids' Art Birthday Party-Painting with Back Gate Studio Boise

Kids will surprise themselves–they’ll be encouraged to add their own personal touch to their art.

Deluxe Painting Party — (rec. for ages 10-99) 1 ½ to 2 hr. party with guided painting, & inspiring guests to let themselves shine through in their art! 16×20 canvas. $150 minimum & $25/additional participant. *Adult Party hint…why not turn it into a ‘Paint & Wine’ party? Guests can even ‘byob’ for wine-tasting.

Adult Art Party with Back Gate Studio Boise

Gather your friends and some nice vino for an Art Party celebration!

Group Canvas Art — (ages 5-99) Create an original group art canvas that will be treasured for years. Each guest creates his/her own ‘art block’ using oil pastels on special paper. Back at the Studio, we expertly mount your original drawings on canvas and let you know when it’s ready for pick-up.
View and choose a template design HERE and let us know the number of participants. At your party, we will guide you with tips and techniques to create a keepsake you will love.
Custom template orders welcome! One to 1 1/2 hr. party.

A keepsake group canvas warms any home or office.

Gather friends to create a group canvas.

Prices vary depending on canvas size and number of art blocks desired:
16×20 4 block canvas=$100                24×48 18 block canvas=$260
20×24 6 block canvas=$130                24×48 24 block canvas=$300
24×30 9 block canvas=$180                36×48 24 block canvas=$330
24×30 12 block canvas=$200              36×48 32 block canvas=$390.
(Note: Prices on Artkin’s ‘shop’ are not applicable for Back Gate Studio parties. Sales tax is additional.)

Adult Glass Painting — Get friends together & paint your own wine glass(es). Choose from one ($20/person) or two glasses ($25/person) per person, and imbibe in your fave beverage. Fun to pair with your wine tasting event! One hr.

Handpainted wine glasses from Back Gate Studio Glass Painting Art Party in Boise

Let your wine glass be your canvas!

Adult Branch Weaving — Using a forked branch as a loom — learn relaxing weaving techniques to create a colorful wall hanging for your home. 1 ½ hrs., $150 minimum and $25/additional participant.

Branch Weaving Art Party with Back Gate Studio Boise

Gather friends, learn something new, and relax with a Back Gate Studio Boise Branch Weaving Art Party.

‘Straw-blown’ Peacock Watercolor — Fun for all ages. Using a technique that encourages exploration, investigation and a little bit of scientific thought, create a painterly peacock using a drinking straw to blow paint around the paper. One hr., $100 minimum, and $15/additional participant.

Peacock Watercolor Painting Art Party with Back Gate Studio Boise

Have fun blowing paint through straws!

Rock Painting — Fun for all ages. Stick to a theme, paint inspirational words, or let your imagination roam. Rock painting is the rage! Hide some of your treasures around your favorite locale for some lucky new friends to find. One hr., $100 minimum, and $12/additional participant.

Our Rock Painting Art Party is a great family party idea.

Rock on with Back Gate Studio’s Rock Painting Art Party!

Candy Sushi — Fun for all ages. What’s better than using candy to create edible ‘art’? Nothin’! We’ll paint chopsticks, too! One hr., $120 minimum and $18/additional participant.

Candy Sushi Art Party-Back Gate Studio Boise

Candy plus sushi equals out-of-your-mind fun! Have a Candy Sushi Art Party.

Paint a Bird House — Fun for all ages. Transform a basic wooden birdhouse into a country cottage, cabin in the woods, camouflage hut, whimsical fairy house, or your very own dream house, using paint, pebbles, and twigs. One hr., $120 min. and $20/additional participant.

Kids’ Woven Wall Hanging — Using a cardboard loom, kids will learn several weaving techniques, incorporating colorful yarns, twine, cloth, and beads into one-of-a-kind wall hangings for their rooms. One hr., $120 minimum and $18/additional participant.

Fairy Garden or Adventureland Design — Design and create your own miniature world—for indoors or out–no need to water! Using items from nature along with small toys, marbles, ribbons, and other treasures, guests will create a fantasyland to enjoy at home. Paint some artsy rocks to make it extra-special! Great for all ages. Kids’ party: One hr., $120 min. and $20/additional participant. Adult party: 1 to 1½ hrs., $140 minimum and $25/additional participant. (Adult party can include live plants upon request.)

Fairy Garden and Adventureland Art Parties with Back Gate Studio Boise

Let their imaginations run free at our Fairy Garden and Adventureland Art Party.

Kids’ Fancy Hats — Delight in creating the best hat EVER! Use paper, markers, ribbons, flowers, feathers, and more to make your wearable work of art. A perfect match for a Tea Party! One hr., $100 minimum and $15/additional participant.

Kids’ Sock Donuts — Whaaat? You’ve never seen a sock donut? Kids will create 3d sculptural donuts out of, yep, socks! Add paint ‘frosting’, sprinkles, a to-go container, and voila! Scrumptious!
One hr., $100 minimum and $18/additional participant.

Sock Doughnut Kids Birthday Party

Kids love Sock Donuts!

Kids’ Under-the-Sea Watercolor — Paint an underwater world—fish, coral, plant life, rocks—and add a giant ‘shower cap’ jelly fish for a fun and unique work of art. One hr., $100 minimum, and $15/additional participant.

Shower Cap Jellyfish Watercolor Art with Back Gate Studio

Shower Cap Jellyfish Watercolor Art

Have an idea you don’t see here? Let’s chat!

Contact Barbara at    818-489-2272
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The Fine Print:

o    Payments: Deposit of 50% required to reserve a date. Balance is due the day of the party.  Cash, check, credit card, & Paypal welcome. (3.5% bank fee added to credit card and Paypal credit or debit purchases.)

o   Cancellations/Rescheduling: Must be made 21 days prior to the event for deposit to be refunded.

o   Weather: If we believe weather conditions will pose a safety concern for your party, we will contact you via email about canceling and/or rescheduling. If we cancel due to poor weather conditions, and you prefer not to reschedule, you will be fully refunded.

o   There is an additional travel fee for areas outside of the Boise area. Please inquire.

                 ♦♦♦ Get ready to  p A R T y ! ♦♦♦

Art Party Contact Form-Back Gate Studio Boise Art Parties

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  • Let us know start time of the project (not the start time of your event. Set up and clean-up time will be added.)
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