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“Art Enriches Seniors’ Lives”–Provider Magazine article smashes the dementia stereotype!

I was thrilled when the editor of Provider  magazine contacted me to write an article based on Artkin’s January post “Art With Seniors Enriches Lives”.

Did you know those with dementia can use their remaining abilities to express themselves through art?

I never pass up an opportunity to emphasize how important creativity is at every  age.

ART is the catalyst for connecting,
even when your older.

So, get your tea and biscotti, sit back and — here’s my article, for your reading pleasure:

Provider magazine article in July 2015 issue, author Barbara Balkin)

Article originally published in Provider magazine, July 2015/ author: Barbara Balkin

7-2015 Provider Mag Article-Art Enriches Seniors' Lives (pg.2) (2) 7-2015 Provider Mag Article-Art Enriches Seniors' Lives (pg.3)Supporting the benefits of creativity for seniors, I send a big shout out to:

Eric Ellena and Berna Huebner, writers/directors of the international documentary film “I Remember Better When I Paint: Treating Alzheimer’s Through the Creative Arts”

Meet Me At MOMA–providing training resources for art and health professionals

Writer Angela Hill of the Oakland Tribune: “Art and Seniors: Drawing Outside of the Lines

Micha Shalev, Executive Director of Dodge Park Rest Home in Worcester, Mass. and author of “A Practical Guide for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

and, because they have so many wonderfully inspiring stories!

It is my art. I am better at it than I ever was. And I will do it as long as I can. When you reach a certain age, you can slough off what is unnecessary and concentrate on what is. And why not?  — Arthur Miller

Tell Us —

Do you do anything creative when you’re with your parents or grandparents? Share your experience and ideas with us here. You never know who you might inspire!

Barbara Balkin, Founder and ARTkinIST 

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