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A Fundraising Idea That’s Actually Fun!

J. Dandrea, M. Perotto, and S. Fornander running for Team Tina

Friends Jennifer Dandrea, Monika Perotto, and Stephanie Fornander running for a good cause!

What’s big and strong and runs all over?

Hidden Springs Running Club in Boise, Idaho!

The most challenging part of fundraising is coming up with an idea that your group can get excited about.

Here’s a local group of parents that know how to have a good time and
realize their fundraising goals at the same time.
Hidden Springs Running Club in Boise, Idaho has the right idea:

  • have a party
  • enjoy good food, drink, and friends
  • create some art for a good cause
  • enjoy the camaraderie and support of other runners

On August 28 – 29, they’ll be running their tushie’s off to support the Skanner Foundation based out of Portland, Oregon. They will  be one of 1,050 teams to run the 198 mile Hood To Coast Relay   from Mount Hood to the Oregon coast town of Seaside…NONSTOP! Each team member will run three legs of 4-8 miles per leg…FOR CHARITY!

                         And, they are very excited!

Hidden Springs Running Club spokesperson Dave McKinney put together a 12 member, Mixed SubMasters team, to run The Mother of All Relays. They will run over a 30 hour period. McKinney explains, “We are projected to finish in 29 hours 7 minutes. We have one young woman of 38 years who can really run!”

Dave and Chris McKinney

Dave and Chris McKinney

“The cornerstone of the Skanner Foundation’s mission is ‘Challenging People to Shape a Better Future Now’. They believe that confident people can improve their future through the positive actions they take today rather than letting the circumstances of the past hold them back. Through their Scholarship Program, the foundation helps students accomplish their educational goals to ensure a bright and successful future within their communities. The encouragement, training and scholarships that Skanner provides helps make a difference in the lives of our young people and society in general”, adds McKinney.

Hidden Springs Running Club fundraise by running.

Running for charity!(clockwise from top: J. McKinney, T.Richards, D. McKinney, J. Dandrea, T. Dandrea, D. Cole.

To kick off their fundraising efforts,
Dave and Christine McKinney hosted a party of a different sort–

an Artkin party!

Hidden Springs Running Club creates an Artkin art canvas to help fundraise for Skanner Foundation.

Art canvas created by Hidden Springs Running Club in Boise, Idaho

They invited their team members, spouses, and some additional supportive friends to enjoy an evening of delicious food, drink and laughs. In return, guests were asked to share some of their own creativity.

These are not artists, I’ll have you know — 
they are runners! And, they gave 100% !!!

Runners creating drawings for Artkin 'Running Shoe' canvas,

Creating drawings for charity Running Shoe ARTKIN canvas.


Using Artkin’s ‘Running Shoe’ art template, each team member drew their own version of a running shoe to contribute to the multi-image group canvas. As an incentive for team members to raise money for the upcoming race, the completed Artkin canvas is to be awarded to the one that raises the most money for the Skanner Foundation!

What can you do to raise money for your next charity event?

Here are some tips:

  • don’t be afraid to ask everybody you know– the worst they can say is ‘no’!
  • keep it personal — talk to people or email them individually.  Tell them what you’re doing, and  why
  • the internet is a great way to get publicity
    Megan Lotz-Idaho Potato Marathon

    Megan Lotz finishing the Idaho Potato Marathon

  • write a blog about the run-up to your event
  • promote it on facebook or twitter
  • add a signature to the bottom of your emails giving the details
  • give local TV and radio stations a call and tell them what you’re up to

Choose your own challenge and raise funds for something that ignites your passion!

Creating a keepsake art canvas with Artkin.

You don’t need to be an artist to create with Artkin!

News Flash: Help them surpass their $5,000 goal! If you’d like to share some love,  please donate here.

 No one has ever become poor by giving. – Anne Frank

Tell Us —

Tell us your story about what you have done to raise money for your favorite cause. You can inspire others with your ideas!

Barbara Balkin, Founder and ARTkinIST 

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