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15 Worst Gifts — Last Minute

Some of the very worst gifts ever!

What were they THINKING?

If you really want to be a gift giving hero and give a wicked good gift, I admit, it can be a challenge. We don’t always hit our mark. Don’t be caught giving a ‘worst gift’!

The goal is to create good feelings, not bad or sad. 

Time magazine once wrote, “Gift giving is like good driving – everyone thinks they do it, but always sees when someone else doesn’t.”

With the gift giving season almost upon us, I’m reminded that choosing just the right gift can be time consuming and expensive. It’s always been important to me to get just the perfect gift for each of my beloveds (and, of course, I’m a great driver, too).

Think of the worst gift you’ve ever received – what was it and who was it from? Remember what it felt like when you opened the wrapping and got that first horrific glimpse? Maybe it’s not always the thought that counts.

Now take a look at my ‘Worst Gift’ list — anything look familiar?

15 Worst Last Minute Gifts:

  1. A photo of you or your family (unless it’s for your mommy)
  2. Holiday stuffed animals (says ‘Rite Aid’ all over it!)
  3. South Beach Diet cookbook (unless they’re on the diet and lost their own copy)
  4. Spanx (do I really need to explain?)
  5. Anything with a clown on it
  6. Pedometer (unless they’ve asked)
  7. Gift Certificate for a wax (again, unless they’ve asked)
  8. Precious Moments tchotchkes
  9. Home drug test
  10. Crap from around your house
  11. Whitman Sampler (maybe in 1842?)
  12. A charity donation in the person’s name (who’s this gift for?)
  13. A paint-by-numbers kit for your 13 year old niece (when it clearly states ‘for 8 year olds’ on the box)
  14. More crap from around your house (and it’s used crap — what am I supposed to do with it?!)
    This Toilet Mug could be the worst gift ever!

    This could possibly be the worst gift ever, unless he’s a plumber!

And don’t even think about a Starbucks Gift Set – it’s so obviously ‘last minute’! For helpful gift giving ideas, look here.

As you start to think about your own gift list this season, remember – when YOU open a gift and are rendered speechless, it’s the thought that counts.

Smile – and sweetly say a gracious ‘Thank you’.

“The greatest gift is a portion of thyself.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tell Us

What’s one of the worst gifts you’ve ever received, or given, for that matter? And I’d love a bit of the back story, too, please. Tell me below.

Barbara Balkin, founder and ARTkinIST

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